Chemical PE Review Course

There are few courses available that offer a comprehensive review in Chemical Engineering for the Professional Engineer (PE) exam.

Price $460.00 | Member: $440.00 through SmartPros and The MGI Management Institute offer a very thorough PE review course in Chemical Engineering which may be of interest to anyone planning on taking the Chemical PE Exams.

The course offers (as do all the MGI PE Review courses) live free support with a live instructor (or email if you prefer) as well as a pass guarantee. If you don’t pass the Chemical PE Review Exam your payment is refunded. Please contact us for complete details on the guarantee.

The course contains helpful mini exams as you progress to assess your understanding of the materials. Upon completion of the full program there is a final test that is similar in all respects to the actual PE exam. This will serve to further prepare you for exam day.

The course is in hardcopy format with over 350 pages of instruction, problems and solutions. There are also practice problems to be sent in for review and comment.

Major topics Covered:

  • Mass and Energy Balances
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Separations and Mass Transfer
  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetics and Reactor Design


Including coverage of:

Dimensional analysis, systems or control volumes, steady state, Bernoulli equation, compressible flow, centrifugal pumps, fluid metering, basic thermodynamic properties, gases, reaction, formulation and combustion, power cycles and refrigeration, condensers and evaporators, chemical reactions, distillation, extraction, absorption, and much more.

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