2017 Updated – MGI Mechanical Engineering Review

The Machine Design & Materials, HVAC & Refrigeration, and Thermal Fluids  PE Review Courses have been revised to meet with the 2017 NCEES testing requirements.

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MGI Mechanical PE Exam Review

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MGI Mechanical PE Review


MACHINE DESIGN AND MATERIALS, HVAC and Refrigeration, Thermal Fluids

Updated Course – 2017 exam specifications.

The New mechanical PE review course has more information and problem solving for your discipline and appropriate to the new NCEES format.    Over 250 pages of instruction, sample problems and solutions, practice mini-exams, and morning & afternoon full practice final mechanical PE exams.

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Mechanical Engineering PE Disciple Specific Review Courses

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Mechanical Engineering Exam Preparation HVAC/R

Section HVAC/R 1  Basic Engineering Practice/Supportive Knowledge
Section HVAC/R 2 Principles/Applications – Thermodynamics
Section HVAC/R 3 Principles/Applications – Psychrometrics
Section HVAC/R 4 Principles/Applications – Heat Transfer
Section HVAC/R 5 Principles/Applications – Fluid Mechanics
Section HVAC/R 6 Applications – Condensers/Evaporators
Section HVAC/R 7 Applications – Refrigeration

Part 1 – Sample Exam HVAC/R Mechanical Engineering

Part 2 – Sample Exam HVAC/R Mechanical Engineering                                        


Section MD1 Basic Engineering Practice/Supportive Knowledge
Section MD2 Engineering Science and Mechanics – Statics/Joints/Fasteners
Section MD3 Engineering Science and Mechanics – Kinematics/Dynamics/Vibration
Section MD4 Material Properties
Section MD5 Strength of Materials
Section MD6 Mechanical Components I
Section MD7 Mechanical Components II

Part 1 – Sample Exam MD&M Mechanical Engineering – Morning Session

Part 2 – Sample Exam MD&M Mechanical Engineering – Afternoon Session

Mechanical: Thermal and Fluids Systems

Section TF 1 – Principles/Basic Engineering Practice
Section TF 2 – Principles/Fluid Mechanics
Section TF 3 3 Principles/Heat Transfer
Section TF 4 Principles/Thermodynamics
Section TF 5 Principles/Psychrometrics
Section TF 6 Hydraulics and Fluid Equipment
Section TF 7 Energy Power Systems

Part 1 – Sample Exam Mechanical Engineering Thermal and Fluids Examination

Part 2 – Sample Exam Mechanical Engineering Thermal and Fluids Examination 

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