The most comprehensive, interactive online Civil PE review.

Presented in the exact format you will encounter them on the actual PE Exam.

  • Video Based Presentation

    Video Based Presentation

    Comprehensive video based instructor step by step explanations for each requirement of the Civil PE Exam situation. These are accompanied by the corresponding formulas and equations.

  • 7 Day Moneyback Guarantee

    7 Day Moneyback Guarantee

    Take the SmartPros Civil PE review for a 1 week and get a full refund if you are not completely satisfied* This course also includes the new Construction Supplement to help you prepare for the Construction module as part of the NCEES PE Exam.

  • Online & Electronic Format

    Online & Electronic Format

    Also included are electronic formats of the visual aids and reference materials that an engineer might typically take with them to the exam. Including; complete sets of equations, graphs, formulas, diagrams, tables, and even video clips of sample tests.

How it works

The Cognistar ENG 103 – PE Review course in Civil Engineering simulates a live classroom learning environment as closely as possible. Often times students are unable to attend a live PE review course due to their location, budget and/or schedule hence our online course was created to offer a low cost solution that anyone can attend regardless of location.


Price: $1165
7 Day Moneyback Guarantee*

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Cognistar Civil PE Review


Our online & interactive Civil PE Review course was created in cooperation with the BSCES (Boston Society of Civil Engineers) and features 7 of the top instructors in the field of civil engineering.


The Civil Exam Review ENG103 includes 10 courses;

Hard Copy Materials

ENG110   –  Practice Problems for the PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 14th Edition

Civil PE Review Exam - 14th Edition

ENG109   –  Quick Reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, 8th Edition

Edition 8 - Reference Guide Civil Exam Review



Online Courses

  • PEP1W     PE Exam Review – Civil – Geotechnical Engineering
  • PEP2W     PE Exam Review – Civil – Hydraulics and Hydrology
  • PEP3W     PE Exam Review – Civil – Structures
  • PEP4W     PE Exam Review – Civil – Sanitary and Environmental Engineering
  • PEP5W     PE Exam Review – Civil – Transportation
  • PEP6W     PE Exam Review – Civil – Surveying
  • PEP7W     PE Exam Review – Civil – Economics
  • PE8W     New Civil Engineering Construction Module for the Civil PE Exam – Theory, Problems and Solutions

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Civil PE Review Exam Details –  AM Breadth Exam vs PM Depth Exam

This is a Civil PE refresher course and is designed for you to choose which areas you want to review for the exam.

The course starts with a demonstration exam problem.  The easy to use interface allows you to get step by step on-screen instruction throughout the course.  You choose how much help you need and which topics you need to review for the Civil PE Examination.

After completing each module review you will take a post-test.  If you do not pass the test you can go back and review the material and re-take the test until you are satisfied that you know the material that will be included on the Civil PE Exam.  We have broken down the study into two sections the AM Breadth Exam and the PM Depth Exam.  Please refer to the exam outlines below.

For the AM Breadth Exam, the topics in the NCEES AM Breadth Exam Study Guide are included and should be reviewed.

For the PM Depth Exam, you should review all topics that are within your designation.


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  • When we saw the SmartPros/ASCE PE exam review materials, we thought it was the best product we had seen in preparing for the exam. We thought it was the ideal aid for review and implemented it firm-wide at URS. Any person would have an advantage in passing the PE by using the SmartPros/ASCE PE Exam Review Course. While our employees have found the material easy to use, it has prepared them well for the PE exam.
    Less Osborne
    - CQM, URS Corporation
  • There are multiple levels of help. You can work through the problem if you want to without any help, or you can look at the visual aids and get an equation or hints. You can also call on the instructor and use the instructor button and watch little videos explaining different aspects of the problem. I really like the aesthetics of the program. It has a lot of animations... a lot of useful visual aids, and it can seem more like a game than an actual sit down lecture.
    Jennifer McCord
    - E.I.T
  • If I found that I made a mistake, it would tell me... and I would find that if I used a wrong number here and got this, it would tell me why I got this... and why it turned out wrong, and that helps me through, so I know what I did wrong in each problem. The instructors in the courses were very articulate and they led you through in a very steady, good-paced manner. They answered all the questions, they were thorough in their answers, they made sure they didn't leave anything for you to guess, and explained everything in a very understandable way.
    Brian Paine
    - E.I.T