Online PE Review Courses – Better Choice?

When it comes to PE review courses not all are created equal. Most will fall into 3 basic categories; Live, Hard copy and Online PE Review.

It should be noted that some courses presently tout themselves as being “online”, however the only online component is the fact you can download text files over the internet! Obviously in these cases you are no better off than the plain text versions of the courses and should not pay a premium for alleged “online”

That being said some learners do prefer text materials when preparing for the PE Review exam. Text study materials are accessible anytime that suits your schedule. Some courses such as our MGI PE Review materials provide hard copy text study guides in combination with live mentor support. For some people the live mentoring by phone or email is a crucial component in making their decision for a review course. This course may be applicable if you have been away from the material for some time, or you math skills are not very strong.

Next up are the Live PE Review courses – and there are several available depending on your geographic location. The immediate disadvantage with a live PE review course is that you must amend your schedule to match the course dates and times. This can be inconvenient for many people who are working full time while also preparing for the exam. Live courses nonetheless do have the advantage of direct interaction with the other students and the professor.

Online PE review courses are gaining in popularity as they can offer the best of both worlds – interactive and intuitive learning that can be accessed at your own pace and schedule. We have several options available ranging from our Villanova University PE Review in Electrical Power, to our SmartPros Civil Engineering PE review which was developed in conjunction with the Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section (The people who teach the live PE Review) to recreate the live setting as closely as possible.

Ultimately the elements that will influence your decision for which PE Review course is right for you are- Budget, schedule, current level of understanding and style of learning.

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