Villanova University PE Review Electrical

In the search for the most suitable PE Review Course in Electrical Power there are many choices to consider.

Is the student gravitating towards an online learning platform? A live classroom environment? Or perhaps a combination of the two with lecture based video learning?

The students current level of understanding will also dictate how much support they will require and ultimately which Electrical Professional Engineering Review course they purchase.

SmartPros has several options available for the aspiring professional Engineer one of which is the Villanova University PE Review in Electrical Power.

The course is a lecture based format and allows students to follow along with accompanying notes, equations and diagrams. The course is created and presented by Dr. Mercede. Dr. Mercede is a Senior Engineer with over 25 years of experience and received the BSEE (first honors), MSEE and Ph.D. degrees in Electric Power Engineering in 1981, 1983 and 1989. His specialty areas include Electrical Design, Power Engineering Studies, Arc Flash Labeling of Electrical Equipment, Emergency / Standby / Critical Operations Electrical Systems, and Power Quality Troubleshooting of Sensitive Electrical Equipment.

With the Villanova PE Review Course Students are able to study at their own pace anywhere there is an internet connection. The course has over 100 hours of online learning and is the most comprehensive course of its kind in the country.

The Electrical PE Review provides 8 modules of key topics covered in the exam:

Module 1: PE Review Problems on Basic Circuits
Module 2: PE Review Problems on Basic Electronics
Module 3: PE Review Problems on Basic Controls
Module 4: PE Review Problems on Power & Machines
Module 5: PE Review Course on Electric Circuits
Module 6: PE Review Course on Electric Machines & Transformers
Module 7: FE – Level Lectures on Ethics, Economics, and Digital Computers
Module 8: PE Review Course on Fundamentals of Power System