Do I Still Have Time to Complete my Review Course for the PE Exam?

The phone is ringing off the hook at Smartpros Engineering with students seeking to brush up on their engineering knowledge prior to taking the PE Exam in April.

The most common question posed during this time of year (January to March) is whether there is still sufficient time remaining to satisfactorily complete our PE Review courses.  I wish we had a specific answer for that question, however there are a number of variables that will impact the time required to complete your course.

Let’s look at some of those variables and how they will impact your studies:

  1. Which course are you taking? For arguments sake we will assume you are looking at our popular MGI PE Review courses. MGI courses contain between 8-10 learning “modules” depending on your discipline (Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical and FE/EIT) and each module requires between 2-8 hours of study. Which is admittedly a huge range – however there are reasons why that range is so great. See below.
  2. How long have you been away from school? Obviously the longer you have been away the more likely you are to find yourself at the longer end of the course time requirements. Have there been substantial changes to the course material since you left school? Will you need more than just a review? Occasionally students will need to revisit the fundamentals even before they can review them. All this takes time.
  3. How much knowledge have you retained? Our MGI courses focus only on information that aspiring Professional Engineers are most likely to encounter on exam day. As streamlined as our material is, that is still quite a bit of information to process. If a student continually reflects back to multiple manuals for refreshers they will also tend towards the higher end of the study estimates.
  4. How much time do you have to allocate to the course? If you are working full time and have 5 kids despite best intentions it’s quite likely you will need more time for the course. While some students can work well under pressure we find most do not. The good news is that our MGI Review courses provide 1 year of access to instructors so students can defer the exam to the following test date and still retain course and instructor availability.

A couple of tips to speed up our MGI course completion times:

  1. Submit multiple mini exams to your instructor for grading as opposed to one at a time.
  2. Wait until you have several questions and compile them into one email vs emailing (or calling in) each question individually.

To address the original question posed above – yes, for most people having “regular” schedules and a reasonable grasp of the material there is sufficient time to complete our MGI courses for  the spring PE exam.
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