Updates on the Civil FE Exam to CBT

The Fundamentals of Engineering examination has recently changed to a computer-based  testing format.  What does this mean for you?

The first major change is that the FE Exam is now specific to your discipline and the second that the examination is now an online computer format.

FE Examination Overview:

Length of Civil FE Exam:

a) 110 Questions
b) 6 hours total test time.

Exam Changes:

a) Examinations are now discipline specific (Civil Exam topics below).

Civil FE Exam Outline

b) Both the exam & the NCEES searchable reference handbook* are on the computer based test. (see example below)

*Use the search facility to look up a term that will populate on the left side of the split screen.

Civil FE Exam Screen Shot

c) No morning breadth exam.


Additional notes:

There is a quick reference handbook you can access during the examination that was created by the NCEES.  There is also an onscreen calculator available.   If you would prefer to use your own calculator make sure you bring one that is approved for use during the test.

The cost to take the Civil FE CBT Exam is $225.00 (average, but can vary slightly from state to state).


You can take the test in 4 testing windows;

January & February
April & May
July & August
October & November


Best Practices to prepare for the Civil FE exam.

1.  Use a FE exam review course that is updated for the new exam format.

2.  Choose a discipline specific review course.

3.  Consider using an online format to help acclimatize you to the new format.**

4.  Register early for your exam and plan ahead.


** SmartPros offers both a hard copy Civil FE Exam review and an Online Civil FE Review Course .  Both have been updated to meet the demands of the new testing format.

Civil FE Review Practice Problems

The Online Civil FE Review Course includes

* A copy of the quick reference handbook can be downloaded at the NCEES website here.