Chemical PE Review Course

There are few courses available that offer a comprehensive review in Chemical Engineering for the Professional Engineer (PE) exam. Price $460.00 | Member: $440.00 through SmartPros and The MGI Management Institute offer a very thorough PE review course in Chemical Engineering which may be of interest to anyone planning on taking the Chemical […]

Online PE Review Courses – Better Choice?

When it comes to PE review courses not all are created equal. Most will fall into 3 basic categories; Live, Hard copy and Online PE Review. It should be noted that some courses presently tout themselves as being “online”, however the only online component is the fact you can download text files over the internet! […]

About SmartPros PE Review Courses

Smartpros PE Review Courses Our PE Review Course options are essentially divided into 3 groups. The MGI PE Review material, The SmartPros Online PE Review Course, and as of June 2012 we now also exclusively distribute the Villanova PE review course in Electrical Power. These 3 options have distinct differences and your needs will dictate […]