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The most comprehensive, interactive online Civil FE EIT Review.

Presented in the exact format you will encounter them on the actual Exam.

  • Video Based Presentation

    Video Based Presentation

    Comprehensive video based instructor step by step explanations for each requirement of the Civil FE EIT Exam situation. These are accompanied by the corresponding formulas and equations.

  • Comprehensive Preparation

    Comprehensive Preparation

    Everything you need to prepare for the FE EIT Civil Examination. Includes; FE Civil online access to courses, Civil FE EIT review manual and practice problems.

  • Online & Electronic Format

    Online & Electronic Format

    Also included are electronic formats of the visual aids and reference materials that an engineer might typically take with them to the exam.

How it works

The Civil FE Review course authors and multimedia team have brought the outline and course menu in line with the NCEES exam rundown. Learners can easily find the sections they would like to review.

The online FE Civil Exam Review includes all course topics that you can expect to be tested on during the Fundamentals of Engineering Civil Examination.  The course is presented in sections in a multimedia format with multiple choice problems and answers.  In this easy to follow program students can sharpen their skills by practicing on  dynamically prepared practice tests that can be taken as often as required.  This will allow you to hone your exam taking skills to ensure you are fully prepared to take the exam. The practice tests are graded immediately so students can correctly evaluate their progress.

Our most comprehensive collection of FE-Civil Comprehensive Prep Plan:

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FE ( Fundamentals of Engineering ) EIT Online Review
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  • FE-Civil Exam Prep Courseware
Online FE Civil Exam Review


ENG126 – FE-Civil Exam Review Contains: 1 course

This course contains the topics listed below that you will find in the FE-Civil Exam. The material is presented in an interesting story line with each section containing a multiple-choice quiz. The practice test is immediately scored so students can monitor their progress, and can be taken over and over again so as to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts.

The Civil FE EIT exam review includes the following modules:

1a & 1b – Mathematics Exponentials, statistics, probability, matrices, vector algebra, trigonometry, analytical geometry, differential calculus, integral calculus, differential equations, LaPlace transforms

2 – Statics Forces at a point, pulleys, friction, forces over a span, moments, trusses

3 – Dynamics Projectile motion, momentum, pendulums, vibration

4 – Ethics & Economy Code of Ethics, interest & future value of money, break even analysis

5 – Mechanics of Materials Centroids, moments of inertia, stress-strain and deflections, hardening, hardness and toughness

6a – Fluid Mechanics – Fluid Statics Buoyancy, forces on submerged objects, manometer, meniscus

6b – Fluid Mechanics – Fluid Dynamics Continuity, Bernoulli’s Equation, friction, pumps, similarity

7 – Hydrology & Hydraulics Rainfall/runoff, rational formula, sewage flow curves, open channel flow, flow over weirs, Manning’s equation, Hazen-Williams equation

8 – Structural Analysis & Steel Design Load combinations, tension members – bolted connections, beams, columns

9 – Structural Reinforced Concrete ASTM standard reinforcing bars, beams – flexure, columns – short and long

10 – Geotechnical Soil testing, porosity & seepage in soils & in landfill liners, stresses at depth

11 – Environmental & Wastewater Water quality, wastewater treatment, seepage

12 – Transportation Pavement design, traffic flow relationships, horizontal & vertical curve geometry

13 – Construction Project delivery methods & management, equipment production, estimating, project scheduling & control

14 – Surveying Angles, directions & distances, coordinate systems, leveling, earthwork areas & volumes


Note: Students are advised to download the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering Reference Handbook for use in conjunction with this review course.

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FE ( Fundamentals of Engineering ) EIT Online Review
1 Year Access
7 Day Moneyback Guarantee*
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Includes the following FE EIT Hard Copy Course Materials.

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  • FE-Civil Practice Problems
FE Civil Practice Problems

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