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Our unique P.E. Readiness courses
reduce the time and effort you need to prepare for the exam by:
• Concentrating on distinct probabilities and emphasizing regions where multiple problems are more likely to appear.
• Targeting the specific problems which are more likely to be found on the actual exam
• Structuring your prep schedule to leverage maximum use of your existing knowledge and areas of experience.

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Download MGI PE Review Course Outline

Download the MGI PE Review Course Outline

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Your P.E. Readiness® Mini-Exams – Realistic practice under simulated exam conditions

After you review the problems and supplied materials, you’re then ready for one of several mini exams. These mini tests are
realistic exam-type problems. You then send (via fax or email) your test and worksheet to your personal instructor/mentor for grading and helpful comment. (P.E. Readiness is conducted for NSPE by the MGI Management Institute, a division of Cognistar of Columbus, Ohio.)

Your personal instructor/mentor – Help whenever you need it – Toll free 800 number
Your test and worksheets are carefully graded by your instructor/mentor.  You will receive explanatory comments and/or sample solutions wherever they’re required. If you have any difficulty with any aspect of your course material you have access to call our Toll-Free number or write/email to your instructor/partner. You’ll receive a prompt callback or detailed reply via email. If personal contact is required at anytime to ask questions and receive feedback, you may do so by fax, phone or email.
A final preparation – Your practice P.E. Exam
After completing your course and mini exams the final component is your Practice P.E. examination which is similar in all respects to the actual P.E. exam you’ll be taking.  To maximize your chances of success we suggest that you complete this exam no later than three weeks before your licensing exam.
PE Review Time Requirements
Each P.E. Review Course contains eight to ten subject areas to prepare you for the exam you’ve chosen to take. Depending on your background, experience, and recollection of college training, you can complete each subject area in anywhere from 2 to 8 hours. Ideally you’ll do so at a one-topic-per-week rate, but you can work more rapidly if required.

P. E. Readiness® – Everything you need
Your complete P.E. Readiness Program – comprehensive review material, mini-exams, final practice exam, and all the help you’ll need from your personal instructor/partner. P.E. Readiness is the finest, most comprehensive, and most cost effective P.E. review course program anywhere.

All this and an exam-passing Money-Back Guarantee!

Select the P.E. review courses you require – FE (EIT), Electrical-Power, Civil, Mechanical or Chemical. Then we’ll send you the appropriate course materials, consisting of three major components (Chemical contains two volumes):

• Your P.E. exam preparation loose-leaf manual, P.E. Readiness Master Schedule, and mini-exam sets (depending on the course you select)
• Your comprehensive P.E. Review and Solutions Manual
• Your P.E. final practice exam

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Cognistar also offers Online P.E Review Course options in Civil and Electrical to suit your learning style & budget.