PE Review Course Instructors

MGI PE Review logoOne of the major benefits our PE Review courses provide over others in the market is the ability of our students to interact live with instructors.

All MGI PE Review Instructors are highly experienced in their respective fields, and are not only the creators of course content but also your mentor while you are enrolled in the course.

We have found that the continual exam simulations and reinforcement of our practice tests helps aspiring PE’s with real world learning you can’t get from text alone.

Our Mini exams and simulation exams (included in your course) are in the same format as the real NCEES PE exams. Once completed you email or fax them to your instructor. We suggest you also include your work along with the multiple choice format which allows your instructor to  not only grade your work but also critique your technique and provide insight on how you can improve or speed up your test taking.

Once completed your instructor returns the materials to you. Feel free to reach out to your instructor for clarification on any of the exam prep or to ask questions as you progress through the course.

Our PE Review Course Instructors:

Bill Levinson, P.E., Chemical Engineer
Dr. James Kamm, Mechanical Engineer
Edward G. Dauenheimer, Civil P.E.
Jeffery Denenberg, P.E., Electrical Engineer


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