MGI P.E. Review Engineering Mentors


Bill Levinson, P.E., Chemical Engineer
Dr. James Kamm, Mechanical Engineer

Chemical Engineering Mentor Bill Levinson, P.E., is the owner of Levinson Productivity Systems, PC. His firm specializes in quality management, and recommends the application of relevant chemical engineering principles to quality and productivity improvement.
MGI Mechanical Engineer ProposalDr. James Kamm is Professor in the College of Engineering at the University of Toledo.  He teaches and researches in the area of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, HVAC, and machine design.  He is the author of the textbook Heat and Power Thermodynamics and also  Fundamentals of Psychrometrics from the  ASHRAE Learning Institute.  He is active as a consulting engineer.

Edward G. Dauenheimer, Civil P.E.
Jeffery Denenberg, P.E., Electrical Engineer

MGI Civil Engineering MentorEdward Dauenheimer PE, has been associated with MGI for over 20 years. Ed, is also the actual author of the MGI PE Civil Engineering review course.  In addition, he has mentored over one-thousand MGI students over the years, preparing them to pass the PE exam with confidence. Ed is also an Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology.
MGI Electrical Engineer MentorJeffrey N. Denenberg has more than 45 years of experience in the electronics, communications, and computer industries.  He has worked as an engineer for Warwick Electronics, Motorola and Bell Telephone Laboratories, as an engineering manager for ITT and Prodigy Services Co., and as the Chief Technology Officer for Noise Cancellation Technologies.  He is currently president of DTS, a technology-consulting firm that specializes in resolving system and product design issues.

Denenberg continued…

Dr. Denenberg has also been active in engineering education, teaching graduate and undergraduate engineering and computer science courses at Connecticut universities (Fairfield, UNH, SHU, and UB) for over 20 years as well as mentoring the MGI PE-Power refresher course for the past 15 years.

He received his BS from Northwestern University in 1966 and both an MS and Ph.D. from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1968 and 1970 respectively, all in Electrical Engineering.  Dr. Denenberg holds 20 patents covering a wide variety of technical areas.  These include: active noise cancellation, digital signal processing, data compression, voice and data communication systems, network architecture, parallel processing, fault tolerant systems, pattern recognition, and consumer electronics.  Dr. Denenberg has published many technical papers and has been a contributing author for two books.  He is a Senior Life Member of the IEEE.

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